Monday, December 15, 2008


"Oldies but Goodies"
American Gangsta: Who is Charles Hamilton?

01.Gangsta Invocation(intro)
03.Punk rock boy in the hood
04.Going Ignorant
05.The American Dream
06.Pink magic
07. Pressure? What pressure?
08. Beetlejuice
09.PWA (problem with authority)
10. The gangsta's final clip

American Gangsta V2.0: Where is Charles Hamilton?01.Spinal cords on repeat
02.Awesomely sweet
03.Random verse
04.That i'm back home
05.Beat abuse
06.I'm pretty sure
07.Shining shadows

"Rap beef, nigga"
Charles Hamilton- Soulja Boy Warning
Charles Hamilton- word, aight

Soulja boy on Charles Hamilton

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Lady Chaos said...

I have viewed both videos and took both parties statements into consideration and i feel that Soulja Boy was the big person in this situation. Even though Charles has better lyrical skills he took thr childish road.