Thursday, September 11, 2008

Electric Relaxation....

.....In the form of
"His music is known for a strong cool jazz and soul music influence, (jazz x hip hop) frequently using samples from artists like Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, and Yusef Lateef to create warm, mellow tracks."
Nujabes-Hydeout Productions first collection
"Moon Strut"
"Don't Even Try It" (featuring Funky DL)
"Strive" (featuring Apani B)
"Home Sweet Home" (featuring Substantial)
"Still Talking To You"
"Luv (Sic)" (featuring Shing02)
"Lyrical Terrorists" (featuring Substantial & L-Universe)
"Lose My Religion" (Remix) (featuring L-Universe)
"It's About Time (Fat Jon Remix)" (featuring Pase Rock)
"Plazma Avenue" (featuring Five Deez)
"D.T.F.N." (featuring Cise Starr)
"People's Don't Stray" (featuring Funky DL)
"Luv (Sic) Part 2" (featuring Shing02)
Nujabes- Metaphorical music
"Blessing It (Featuring Substantial and Pase Rock of Five Deez"
"Horn in the Middle"
"Lady Brown (Featuring Cise Starr)"
"Highs 2 Lows (Featuring Cise Starr)"
"Beat Laments the World"
"Letter From Yokosuka"
"Think Different (Featuring Substantial)"
"A Day by Atmosphere Supreme"
"Next View" (Featuring Uyama Hiroto on Sax)
"Latitude (Remix) (Featuring Five Deez)"
"F.I.L.O. (Featuring Shing02)"
"Summer Gypsy"
"The Final View"


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