Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For those of you sleeping on Charles Hamilton...


Here's a collection of his most recent mixtapes.

American Gangsta : Who Is Charles
1. Charles Hamilton - Gangsta Invocation (Intro)
2. Charles Hamilton - Awesome
3.Charles Hamilton - Punk Rock Boy In The Hood
4. Charles Hamilton- Going Ignorant
5. Charles Hamilton - The American Dream
6. Charles Hamilton - Pink Magic (Interlude) (feat. IsA)
7. Charles Hamilton - Pressure? What Pressure?
8. Charles Hamilton - Beetlejuice
9.Charles Hamilton - PWA (Problem With Authority)
10. Charles Hamilton - The Gangsta's Final Clip

Charles Hamilton - outside looking

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01 Intro
02 Outside
03 Brooklyn Girls
04 Dont Touch Me (Produced By 9th Wonder)
05 Pure Imagination
06 Superman
07 My Wonderful Pink Polo (Wake Up Mr West)
08 Beetlejuice
09 In Front Of You (Go Dumb)
10 Unapologetic
11 No Escaping
12 Rockstar Girl
13 Ambitions Of Musicians
14 American Dream
15 Let It Go
16 November 10th

Charles Hamilton- Death of the mixtape rapper
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01. Stay On Your Level
02. Harlem
03. Just A Musician
04. How
05. Presidential Pondering (Ft. Fidel)
06. Twitter 16
07. Windows Media Player
08. Down
09. Mixtape vents
10. Butcherman
11. Music Suicide
12. Saving Grace
13. Supersonic’s First Freestyle
14. Forever Again
15. Do What You Love

And while we're on the subject of Mr.Hamilton,
It seems like VH1's new Flava Flav/Rev. Run hybrid has beef with him

Real talk, fuck a 2 live crew and its unfortunate Mr. Luke is too ignorant to realize that he's VH1's new token, stereotypical, blackie reality show star now. Then again that one hit wonders can't pay the bills forever.



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