Monday, September 29, 2008


Quality Control will like to add another member to the Blog. His name is Logik. He is a member of GIC (get it crew) and is a amazing poet. He will be contributing to the Blog soon but until then i will be posting his work on here.
Here is his latest piece i hope you enjoy. im stressed as fucked,
life, school, this world,
tryin not to mess shit up,
im not confused yo, i know im blessed and such,
so i put my best foot up but is my best enough,
ive concluded life is a test but a test for what,
and the question of what is a test of enough,
its got me ready to test a dutch,
not to mention forbidden concoctions yo they
preppin it up,
pass it here let me test me a cup,
and damn, the rest of this shit is depressing enough,
and alcohol is a downer how i expect to get up,
if anything
im fallin down and expressin my guts,
you know, toilet confessions and such,
but then you learn your lessons which will lessen the what,
and provide a study guide for the test you fucked up,
and i fucked up,
and its fucked up cause i cant blame the government for
messin it up,
proprietors of society are responsible but no more than us,
and i swear if one more person on this campus ask me if
im registered to vote,
ima blow this bitch up,
i swear they encroach like the fuzz,
and on another note some of these professors
jus suck,
outside of their class they
dont care about much,
and when i say
dont care much i mean dont care about shit,
but karma is a bitch so she gives what you give,
so what they give they
gon get,
and i cant wait, so i can sit back and laugh at that shit,
but shit...then what will i get,
cause there
isnt much of a return on bein a dick,
thats a problem because i damn near practice that shit,
but just know that
im not just an ass and thats it,
im building up defense like a catholic abstinent chick,
so i will not lose bet your ass on it bitch,
i will pass with flying colors, medals, badges and shit,
and ill inspire other along the way with my passion to spit,
while other spit in my face and laugh cause they would have him to quit,
but he will not lose because he is just to passionate,
and they're obviously beaten,
so peep him, at the end of the day, just me,
sincerely yours,
Logikally Speakin
Da Problem Child


Lady Chaos said...

me likes. Me likes a lot. He is talented!!!

Bam Bam said...

Yeah, my bro got skills

08Dominate said...

&&& he gives you those libidinous thoughts.
Any chick would be lucky.

Emcee said...

libidinous? lol, looks like someone has a groupie(read:stalker)