Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moka Only

Moka Only has solidified himself as one of the most talented artists Canada has to offer and he's definitely wowed this blogger with his smooth beats and laid back rhymes. Don't sleep on this one!!

Here's a few album drops

Moka Only- The Desired Effect- 2005

1.Once Again
2.Calling Out
3.Looking At The Ceiling
4 .More Soup
5 .Hundred Grand
6.Keep Moving
7.Lady Gotta Place
8.One Time
9.Beautiful - Remix
10.Everybody Dance
11.Sitting On The Porch
12.Hold Me Close

Def 3 and Moka Only-Dog River- 2007

1.What Now!
2.Let Me In
3.Eat A Bomb
4.I Don't Wanna Go Home
5.Watch The Flowers
7.Got A Light
9.Its Get Spent
10.Been There Done That
11.Getting Witty Wit It
12.Behind The Bush
13.Mumble In The Jungle
14.F**kn Around
15.Words Could Not Explain


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Jessica said...

Yeah man.. this that chill spot..

Jessica said...

aw yeah... I'm Flyy... not Jessica...

Emcee said...

About time you found us. Email your info to and i'll set you up, yo.